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Category: Book Reviews

Must Have Science of Reading Books

My Favorite Science of Reading Books

Why You SHOULD Teach Blends

Pretty regularly, the issue of blends comes up.  Do we explicitly teach them, or not?  With so many different sound-symbol

Book Review: Speech to Print

Definitely the kind of book you’ll need to take notes on. I may or may not have had to blur

Book Review: Reading for Life by Lyn Stone

Fun fact: my best friend Rachel and I bought this book for each other this Christmas without realizing what the

Book Review: How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction

Have you ever started a book and it was so full of theory that you didn’t know how it would

Book Review: “Uncovering the Logic of English”

I tend to talk too much, so let me get straight to the point.  Every month or so, I’m going