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Alliteration Color by Code Worksheets




Searching for an independent activity where your students focus on beginning sounds? These color by code worksheets are perfect to help your students independently practice alliteration. These are focused on phonological awareness, so there are no letter included, just sounds!

Included are 5 different color by code sheets that ask students to look at an image, and then color pictures that start with the same sound. X is not included because the /k//s/ sounds do not occur at the beginning of a word.

Included sounds:

1. f, b, m, c, n, t

2. a, i, r, o, g, d

3. s, e, u, l, h, k

4. p, j, v, w, z

5. qu, y, ch, sh, th

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Phonological Awareness Bundle

Need more color by code worksheets in your life? Check out my CVC color by code!

Short Vowel Color by Code


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