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Orton-Gillingham Decodable Sentences and Word Lists




Are you explicitly and systematically teaching phonics to your students? Do you need something for students to practice a phonics skill before they read a long connected text? Are you tired of Googling words to practice dictation? These 80 word lists and 78 pages of decodable words lists and sentences are a perfect addition to your phonics instruction.

Google Slides version of sentences included for distance learning!

Each word list contains between 20 and 25 words following a phonics rule (Ex: blends, digraphs, magic e, vowel teams, etc.. Please see preview or thumbnails for complete list.) Most lists also include 5 nonsense words. I got these because I was tired of having to google different words each week when I taught new skills!

The decodable sentences can be used in several ways. In Orton-Gillingham, we go from the sound to word to sentence to connected text. These sentences are the bridge between word level and connected text.

There are three different versions of the decodable sentences:

1. Half pages for gluing into phonics notebooks. There are 2 sets of sentences per page.

2. Left side has a list of words that follow the phonics rule/pattern. The right side has the decodable sentences. There is a 1 inch margin at the top to put into pronged folders.

3. Left side has a list of words, right side has the decodable sentences. There is no 1 inch margin. The Google slides link is included for distance learning. I got tired of trying to project my PowerPoint during Zoom meetings. This slides version is so much easier!


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