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Want to know how the Science of Reading applies to your classroom? Keep reading to discover what the research suggests, and how we should teach phonics and phonemic awareness to help all students learn to read.

               Today marks my third look into the national Reading Panel.  I’ve already discussed their work on phonemic awareness and phonics.  Looking into fluency, though, the report felt different.  There were no tables full of effect sizes: in fact they weren’t even able to conduct a metanalysis on one of their topics because there simply were not enough reports that
               In 1997, the National Reading Panel was convened at the behest of Congress and the Secretary of Education.  It was gathered in order to “assess the status of research-based knowledge, including the effectiveness of various approaches to teaching children to read”(National Reading Panel, 2000, p.1-1).  In 2000, the National Reading Panel (NRP) released their report, a document free to
This was my first year where I fully implemented more evidenced-based practices in my intervention groups (AKA I followed the Science of Reading).  In March 2020 when the world shut down, I had just heard the term Science of Reading for the first time.  I was attempting to teach with both balanced literacy AND structured literacy formats.  I would teach
Before becoming Orton-Gillingham trained, I rarely reviewed.  I “taught” my spelling features for the week and then expected my children to magically remember those rules forever.  I was still using leveled texts, so there was no review of skills in connected text.  I knew I needed to do more, but I didn’t know how to make it all fit into
I identify as a reader so much, I literally had a Harry Potter wedding. But that doesn’t mean my children have to love reading like I do. As teachers, we tend to be voracious readers.  I wear my identity as a reader on my sleeve and quite literally on me at all times (I have a Harry Potter tattoo).  Becoming
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I will always be amazed at how hard teachers work.  I get messages each week from parents and teachers asking me which trainings they should take.  People are willing to spend their own money to get the education they need to help children be successful. Today, I’m going to compare 3 of the top trainings supported by the Science of