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Want to know how the Science of Reading applies to your classroom? Keep reading to discover what the research suggests, and how we should teach phonics and phonemic awareness to help all students learn to read.

If you have a child that is about to enter kindergarten you might find yourself wondering what they need to know when they come to us nbsp Do they need to know all their letter sounds nbsp Should they be reading nbsp nbsp nbsp Today I want to put your mind at ease about what we expect when your child
The issue of phonemic awareness right now is HOT nbsp I can t go to Twitter or Facebook without seeing another heated argument over phonemic awareness nbsp It can be overwhelming it can get nasty who would ve thought right and it can feel disheartening nbsp I felt like I had just learned about teaching phonemic awareness and then I
The characters from Sounder and Friends™ Recently I had the chance to sit down and speak with Laura and Heather the creators of Sounder and Friends™ an educational show airing on PBS and streaming on You Tube that focuses on developing phonemic awareness in young children They also have a free phonemic awareness app coming out Today listen in as
what is orthographic mapping
The term orthographic mapping slipped around my head for a year before I felt I could finally grab it and understand nbsp If I struggled to master the concept I thought others may too nbsp So today I want to break down orthographic mapping in a way that won t leave you banging your head against the keyboard nbsp Hopefully
We need to start this post with a mantra and I want nbsp you to hold on to this mantra as long as needed nbsp Are you ready nbsp It might be hard to say but I promise it is important Repeat after me nbsp I do not have to rush kindergarteners into reading books Seriously nbsp Say it again
nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp How comfortable are you with writing the letter e nbsp I think at this point in our lives we re pretty solid nbsp Since we are so good at it we could probably teach it to others right nbsp How would you explain writing the letter