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Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks: An Explicit Instruction Tool for All Teachers

free phonics resources

Free (and Cheap) Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Resources

planning a family event

Engaging Families with a Literacy Event

A young boy reading a fluency grid.

Fluency Grids: Practices That Work

Practices That Work: Sound-Symbol Mapping

A  few months ago, I started a series of blog posts where I do a deep dive into specific instructional

My Favorite Reading Games

There’s nothing quite like a game to take worn-out and wound-up children and bring them back to center.  There have

Spring 2022 Decodable Awards

You know I love decodables.  One of my first blog posts was about why they are important and the difference

Word Chaining: Practices That Work

I’ve talked a lot about word chains, but realized I’ve never dug deeply into why they are important and very

The Science of Reading and Teachers Pay Teachers (pt. 2)

I think Teachers Pay Teachers is great (biased, I know).  But honestly? I think it can also be terrible for

5 Free Websites I Can’t Live Without

There’s so much great stuff on the internet, which is amazing.  But then again, there’s SO. MUCH. stuff on the

Which Science of Reading Training Should I Take?

I will always be amazed at how hard teachers work.  I get messages each week from parents and teachers asking

Intentional Instruction as we Return to School

               We’re about to move into our third school year of this pandemic.  That means the children entering second grade