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why we need teachers pay teachers

Why we Need Teachers Pay Teachers

parents and the science of reading

Parents and the Science of Reading

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks: An Explicit Instruction Tool for All Teachers

free phonics resources

Free (and Cheap) Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Resources

planning a family event

Engaging Families with a Literacy Event

A young boy reading a fluency grid.

Fluency Grids: Practices That Work

Practices That Work: Sound-Symbol Mapping

A nbsp few months ago I started a series of blog posts where I do a deep dive into specific

My Favorite Reading Games

There s nothing quite like a game to take worn out and wound up children and bring them back to

Spring 2022 Decodable Awards

You know I love decodables nbsp One of my first blog posts was about why they are important and the

Word Chaining: Practices That Work

I ve talked a lot about word chains but realized I ve never dug deeply into why they are important

The Science of Reading and Teachers Pay Teachers (pt. 2)

I think Teachers Pay Teachers is great biased I know nbsp But honestly I think it can also be terrible

5 Free Websites I Can’t Live Without

There s so much great stuff on the internet which is amazing nbsp But then again there s SO MUCH