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Category: Teaching Tips

how can i help spelling

How Can I Help My Child’s Spelling?

Understanding Assessments

Increasing Engagement During Reading and Spelling

How to Create Your Own Resources

How-To Create Your Own Resources

5 Ideas for Daily Spelling Review

what's wrong with guided reading?

What’s Wrong with Guided Reading?

engaging english learners

Engaging ELLs at Beginning Levels of Literacy

Decoding Multi-Syllabic words

Decoding Multisyllabic Words

5 reading mistakes I won't Make Again

5 Reading Mistakes I Won’t Make Again

The Summer Before Kindergarten

If you have a child that is about to enter kindergarten, you might find yourself wondering what they need to

Interview with a Middle School Reading Specialist

We know that struggling readers don’t stop struggling when they leave elementary school. I often receive messages from middle school

Intentional Instruction as we Return to School

               We’re about to move into our third school year of this pandemic.  That means the children entering second grade