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Alphabet Board Games




Are you looking for a simple, easy, and fun way to get your students practicing the alphabet and letter sound knowledge? Want a game that is easy enough that it can be taught in just two minutes before your students can play independently during centers? Then these alphabet board games are perfect for your kindergarten or first grade classroom!

These 5 alphabet games are a perfect addition to any primary classroom. For each game, students will flip over a card and look at an image or letter. They must then identify the letter sound or letter, and move their piece to the next matching letter. Although each game is different, the format is the same to save you precious teaching time. Simply exchange games out each week to keep your students engaged and learning!

Games included:

Game 1: n, b, m, t, f, i

Game 2: o, u, c, s, d

Game 3: a, g, p, r, h

Game 4: j, k, l, q, v, e

Game 5: w, x, y, z, ch, sh

Want more? These games are part of a larger phonics board game bundle with 26 different phonics games! Snag them here!


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