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Digraphs Decodable Sentences Game for Phonics Review




Looking for an engaging game to practice decoding words with digraphs at the sentence level? Want your students to have extra practice reading sentences with sh, ch, th, and wh? This digraphs decodable sentence game is perfect for additional phonics practice.

All you need to do is print, laminate (if you’re feeling fancy), cut, and shuffle. It is so easy to prep and play.

This game includes 40 decodable sentences with the target skill and 8 special cards (skip, lose 1, lose 2, draw 1, draw 2) to make game play more exciting

Looking for more? You can find a free CVC game here, or snag the bundle of 7 games for a discounted price here!

Note: This product focuses on words with digraphs. There ARE some high-frequency words that are not decodable, as well as some that are decodable but that they may not have learned the pattern yet. They include: is, see, he, the, you, for, my, me, do, we, play, go, like want, down.


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