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Missing Letter Alphabet Practice




Do your kindergartners need extra help to become fluent in writing the alphabet? Are you looking for a practical, functional ABCS activity to assist your students in becoming ABC proficiency? These 30 missing letter alphabet sheets are the perfect addition to any kindergarten or first grade classroom!

Recently I found myself trying to transition my kindergarteners away from my beloved alphabet arc towards writing their ABCS like my older students do. I wanted to give them something with missing letters, where the number of letters missing gradually increased. Everything I found was too cutesy and didn’t release the scaffolds like I wanted. So, I made these 30 pages of missing letter alphabet sheets!

To use, just copy and go. If you want to reuse, you could place inside of a dry-erase pocket. No cutesy, no fluff, just the materials you need to help your children become proficient with their alphabet!

•p. 3-12 are missing 1 letter per line.

•p. 13-22 are missing 2 letters per line

•p.23-27 are missing 3 letters per line.

•p.28-32 are missing 4 letters per line (except the last line, which is missing 3).


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