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Morphology Games Slides and Ladders | Anglo-Saxon



Are you looking for a fun and efficient way to practice morphology with your students? These 26 slides and ladders games for Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes are the perfect addition to an upper-elementary classroom.

Game play is simple! All you need is the gameboard, game pieces, and dice.

•Roll, move forward that number of places, then read the word.

•If you land on “climb,” you climb up the ladder.

•If you land on “slide,” you must slide down the slide.

•The arrows are included to help children know which direction they should go.

Please see the preview for a list of included Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes.

This product is part of GROWING BUNDLE. Grab the Anglo-Saxon games now, and you will have FREE access to the Latin and Greek games when they are released! Buy now to save big!!!!!

Anglo-Saxon: 26 games, finished

Latin: Anticipated release April 2024

Greek: Anticipated release May 2024


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