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Morphology Interactive Notebooks | The Bundle

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Are you trying to explicitly teach morphology to your students, but don’t know where to start? Not sure how to introduce Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon affixes to your students?  These interactive morphology notebooks are the perfect, no-prep way to introduce morphology to your students!

Phonics instruction doesn’t stop with single-syllable words. We have an obligation to continue to grow our children’s knowledge about how words work.

The answer to phonics in the upper grades is morphology. Instead of just thinking about individual sound-symbol correspondences, morphology instruction helps to unlock meaning units so that children can determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

This product includes the Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek affixes and roots that you need to teach to your students. These interactive notepages are the perfect place to start your morphology instruction.

Bundle includes:

Anglo-Saxon: 27 notepages

Latin: 66 notepages

Greek: 40 notepages


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