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Morphology Sound Decks for Reviewing Morphemes




Are you looking for a way to practice morphemes with you students? Want a daily activity you can use to reinforce Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek affixes? If you teach morphology, you NEED these morphology sound decks!


This product includes 139 morpheme cards, available in two different sizes (6 per page and 2 per page). In addition, there is a 3 page document that lists the definitions for all of the morphemes included.


With groups that I am teaching basic phonics to, I use my Sound Deck for Reviewing Graphemes. Once I begin to introduce morphemes, however, I start adding in these slides.


Essentially, you display a morpheme, ask students to read it to you, and then have them tell you the meaning. This is a great way to remind students of meaning parts before moving into reading words and connected text. For example, if student see “sub,” they would say: sub, under or below.


The colors green, yellow, and red were chosen with intention. Green indicates a prefix, a morpheme that is at the beginning (so you know you need to keep going), yellow indicates a root or Greek combining form, and red indicates a suffix (so you know you are stopping at the end of a word).


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