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Phoneme Lists for Segmenting and Blending




Are you working to connect phonemic awareness to phonics? Tired of all the curriculums that focus on too many skills all at once? We know that segmenting and blending are the most important phonemic awareness skills, so I’ve made a document to save us all time, energy, and frustration.

Included in this produce are 38 different phoneme lists. It includes:

  • 95 words with 2 phonemes
  • 448 words with 3 phonemes
  • 132 words with 4 phonemes
  • 57 lists with 5 phonemes.

Choose a list and use those words to practice segmenting and blending.

These phoneme lists are intended to be used as a quick, oral-only activity in your classroom. These are a great warm-up before a phonics lesson. The lists are organized by phonemes (sounds), not graphemes (spelling patterns). That is why you will see words that children cannot typically spell at this stage.

These lists are intended for an oral-only warm up in segmenting and blending (segmenting and blending are the two most important phonemic awareness tasks). If your children struggle to segment and blend three phonemes, start with two. This reduces this cognitive load for them. Once they have mastered two and three phonemes, you can move into four and five phonemes.


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