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Phonemic Awareness PowerPoint Game (2-5 Phonemes)




Do your students need addition help segmenting individual phonemes? This phonemic awareness game is PERFECT a whole-group review of phonemic awareness. Help keep all students engaged as you practice crucial early literacy skills.

To play:  This PowerPoint includes pictures. Students will take turns looking at an image. They will decide how many phonemes (sounds) are in that word (ex: bee has 2, dog has 3). If they are correct, they get that many points. If they are incorrect, they get 0. If a student gets a splat, they get 0 points for that round. Perfect for one on one tutoring (student plays against you) or whole groups!

This version is ideal for first grade, second grade, third grade, and older struggling readers. It includes words with between 2 and 5 phonemes.


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