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Sound Decks for Grapheme Review




Are you systematically and explicitly teaching phonics in your classroom? Looking for a way to review the sound-symbol connection daily? These sound cards are the perfect way for you to review specific graphemes daily.

Essentially, each card shows a grapheme (in this deck, there are some cards with multiple graphemes, such as the welded sounds and blends.) You hold up a card, and the children would have to tell you what sound is represented by that grapheme.

This product includes 144 graphemes and phonograms, including consonants, vowels, digraphs, blends, vowel teams and more. Simply print the cards on cardstock, cut and go.

Two different versions are include:  one that has 6 per page, and one that has 2 per page.  Use the size that works for your students.  The 2 per page one is great for whole group!


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