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Sound Boxes for Phonics and Phonemic Awareness




Are you trying to explicitly and systematically teach phonics to your students? Want a way to blend phonemic awareness and phonics to strengthen both? These Elkonin boxes (sound boxes) are perfect for any structured literacy classroom!

Included you will find:

•60 different full-colored pages of Elkonin boxes, organized by phonics skills (240 images total).

•Black and white versions of all 60 pages.

•Google Slides version of all 60 pages, with moveable pieces for counting phonemes.

•Table of contents and image list (so you don’t have to guess what the pictures are!)

Each mat covers a certain skill (like closed syllables, magic e, etc.) and can be used in a variety of ways. Students can practice segmenting and blending phonemes. They look at the image, then push a chip to identify the number of sounds. Afterwards, you can invite students to spell the word with the target phonemes. This is perfect for strengthening your students’ phonemic awareness AND phonics skills!!!


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