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Want to know how the Science of Reading applies to your classroom? Keep reading to discover what the research suggests, and how we should teach phonics and phonemic awareness to help all students learn to read.

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Today marks my third look into the national Reading Panel nbsp I ve already discussed their work on phonemic awareness and phonics nbsp Looking into fluency though the report felt different nbsp There were no tables full of effect sizes in fact they weren t even
nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp In 1997 the National Reading Panel was convened at the behest of Congress and the Secretary of Education nbsp It was gathered in order to assess the status of research based knowledge including the effectiveness of various approaches to teaching children to read National Reading Panel
Fun fact my best friend Rachel and I bought this book for each other this Christmas without realizing what the other one was doing I ve read a lot of books about teaching reading nbsp Some have been great some have been meh and some have been so dense I have to wait until I m on a break to
The issue of phonemic awareness right now is HOT nbsp I can t go to Twitter or Facebook without seeing another heated argument over phonemic awareness nbsp It can be overwhelming it can get nasty who would ve thought right and it can feel disheartening nbsp I felt like I had just learned about teaching phonemic awareness and then I
og vs letrs vs ttt
I will always be amazed at how hard teachers work nbsp I get messages each week from parents and teachers asking me which trainings they should take nbsp People are willing to spend their own money to get the education they need to help children be successful Today I m going to compare 3 of the top trainings supported by
In my last post we discussed orthographic mapping and why it is crucial for reading success Theory is great but what every teacher wants to know is this how does it look in practice In it s simplest terms we want to use activities that will help students focus on matching sound to print Today I want to talk about
what is orthographic mapping
The term orthographic mapping slipped around my head for a year before I felt I could finally grab it and understand nbsp If I struggled to master the concept I thought others may too nbsp So today I want to break down orthographic mapping in a way that won t leave you banging your head against the keyboard nbsp Hopefully
This year I am entering my 11th year of teaching I ll never forget how confident I was that first year I thought I knew EVERYTHING there was about teaching reading to my children In reality I m still learning 11 years later I ve made a lot of mistakes along the way but I know I ve never stopped
This was intended to be my first post when I launched my blog As I began writing though I was overwhelmed with the idea My apprehension came because this is just too important to mess up too important to do half heartedly But today I m writing for those of you who like me are still overwhelmed sometimes with the