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What the National Reading Panel Says About: Fluency

               Today marks my third look into the national Reading Panel.  I’ve already discussed their work on phonemic awareness and

What the National Reading Panel Says About: Phonemic Awareness

               In 1997, the National Reading Panel was convened at the behest of Congress and the Secretary of Education.  It

Book Review: Reading for Life by Lyn Stone

Fun fact: my best friend Rachel and I bought this book for each other this Christmas without realizing what the

Addressing Key Issues in Phonemic Awareness

The issue of phonemic awareness right now is HOT.  I can’t go to Twitter or Facebook without seeing another heated

Which Science of Reading Training Should I Take?

I will always be amazed at how hard teachers work.  I get messages each week from parents and teachers asking

Activities to Promote Orthographic Mapping

In my last post, we discussed orthographic mapping and why it is crucial for reading success. Theory is great, but

Orthographic Mapping

The term orthographic mapping slipped around my head for a year before I felt I could finally grab it and

My Top 5 Reading Mistakes

This year, I am entering my 11th year of teaching. I’ll never forget how confident I was that first year.

The Science of Reading

This was intended to be my first post when I launched my blog. As I began writing, though, I was